About Us

SunCrest Laboratories (SCL) is a leading developer of cutting-edge supplements. Co-founder Ryan Brown, has a degree in Psychology with a major focus on neuroscience from Arizona State University. Along side his studies, he was involved in Alzheimer’s research at one of the most respectable labs in the United States.  SCL was created and founded upon the idea that immediate access to the most up-to-date treatments be made available to the public, especially those who are currently victims of so called “untreatable by pharmaceuticals” diseases.

Many people are unaware that thousands of clinical trials have been, and continue to be, performed to provide further evidence that natural supplements are safe and capable of preventing, restoring, and/or treating the damage done by disease. Our motivating ideal is to develop products containing effective dosages, highest potency, and best combinations.

Other companies often include important supplements in their products to inflate label claims. This is usually accomplished in two different ways. One, they’ll put insignificant amounts of the essential supplements, thereby rendering the product useless. Two, they’ll use cheaper ingredients that have a low potency. Sometimes they’ll do both, which really makes the product worthless offering little to no benefit to the consumer in need. The reason behind this type of dishonesty is money.

Potent, pure, effective supplements at the right dosage are very expensive and that’s why you get what you pay for in the vitamin industry. If you think of health like an investment, then you understand the general idea is to invest small amounts now in order to get a large amount in the future. However, you also know that if you don’t invest enough in the beginning you won’t get much in the end.

That’s why SCL has worked rigorously to create brain-health and memory products containing the most pure, potent, and effective dosages currently known to the scientific community. To make our products available to all, we offer the best product possible for the best price. In addition to exceptional product value, SCL has used every resource available to combine 12 brain, heart, and memory supplements into one product, Memoryze™.

Finally pantries, kitchens, and refrigerator tops can now be free of clutter and daily supplement routines can be shortened to 30 seconds or less. The few other essentials supplements (Omega 3 fish oil w/Coq10 and SAMe) that could not be put into the Memoryze™ powder because of taste and volatility have been selectively manufactured into easy-to-swallow soft gels using the purest ingredients.